by Candace Hunter

In a world overrun by zombies, one herbalist survives to share her knowledge with as many other survivors as she can. Zombie Hunter C. along with her trusty side-kick Harvey, make their way through a zombie-infested, apocalyptic cityscape and country side killing zombies and making the best of what Mother Earth has left to offer. For those of you who want to learn how to survive using the plants at-hand long after the infrastructures of modern medicine have given way, Herbalism for the Zombie Apocalypse, volume 1 is the guide you’ll need. Zombie Hunter C.’s stories and herbal knowledge are neatly packaged in this unique take on survival and the herbal world.Herb-Zombie-Cvr-700px

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Herbalism for the Zombie Apocalypse includes the first 12 published Herbalism for the Zombie Apocalypse columns published on The Practical Herbalist website with expanded publisher’s notes, along with two new columns published here for the first time. In addition, this volume contains recipes, how-tos, and an in-depth look at Zombie Hunter C’s six favorite herbs. If you’re interested in learning about how to survive, Herbalism for the Zombie Apocalypse is for you…even if the walking dead won’t complicate your world.

About the Author

Candace Hunter is a self-taught herbalist who never, ever practices on guinea pigs in part because her family and friends are generally up to the job. She is co-author of The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folio series and author of Herbalism for the Zombie Apocalypse. She edits The Practical Herbalist website and Practical Herbalist Press publications. She has also recently entered into the field of podcasting with reckless abandon. Listen to her on Real Herbalism Radio today, or see her work at and Ninth Degree Herbals.