Dandelion: Herbal Medicine Rooted in Your Front Yard is Available on Amazon!

The Practical Herbalist and Practical Herbalist Press are pleased to announce the publication of the third volume of The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folio series. Dandelion: Herbal Medicine Rooted in Your Front Yard by Candace Hunter and Sue Sierralupé is now available exclusively on Amazon.com.

Though dandelion is oft accused of weedy behavior, its medicinal and nutritive qualities make it an herbalist’s treasure. This volume of The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folio series delves into the many healthful uses of dandelion.

Learn how dandelion helps with recovery from illnesses, such as colds, flus, and sinus infections; helps the body process hormones, making dandelion a perfect assistant for adolescence and menopause; helps improve women’s fertility and aids in lactation; helps improve digestion and eliminate toxins from the body, supporting the liver and even helping heal liver diseases like Hepatitis B and C; replaces essential potassium while supporting the kidneys, encouraging healthy blood pressure and helping the body to naturally correct high blood pressure; helps ease those with incessant muscle tension due to overwork; helps reduce high cholesterol and can even ease edema.

Discover uses for dandelion that extend beyond the purely medicinal, like using dandelion to bitter your homebrew, or improving your garden soil with dandelion. We’ll touch on the history and magic of dandelion, cover how you can use dandelion to care for your animal companions, and offer a few recipes to get you started before covering the cautions that relate to using this weedy little herb. This volume includes all the information you’ve come to expect from The Practical Herbalist website:

  • Medicinal Properties and Actions
  • Conditions best helped by Dandelion
  • Advanced Medicinal Processing and Use
  • Gardening and Growing
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Household uses
  • History, Folklore, Myth, and Magic
  • Cautions
  • Recipes

Plus, The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folios contain a Quick Facts sheet you can print out and use on the go, at home, or for teaching others about Practical Herbalism.

Be sure to buy your copy today. All proceeds go toward helping improve The Practical Herbalist website and publishing further volumes of this series and other exciting, informative, and most importantly Practical ebook titles.

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  • and more!

Thank you all for your support!

The Practical Herbalist Team
Candace, Sue, and Patrick