Both beginning and experienced herbalists can benefit from taking time to get to know one single herb at a time. The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folio series is designed to help you do just that.

Each folio in the series focuses on one specific herb, covering everything from that plant’s medicinal applications to growth habits to place in history. Authors Candace Hunter and Sue SierraupĂ© have chosen herbs that are practical; they’re readily available and offer a selection of applications wide enough for anyone to find them useful. This series is all about helping readers gain an intimate knowledge and understanding of their chosen herb. Whether you’re investigating an herb for yourself or plan to teach others about that plant, The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folio series offers you a robust road to a solid working knowledge of your chosen herb.

Each Herbal Folio contains:

  • Introduction
  • Medicinal Properties, including Medicinal Processing and Advanced Medicinal Application
  • Gardening and Gathering, including identification tips
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Household Formulas and Non-medicinal uses
  • History, Folklore, Myth, and Magic
  • Cautions
  • Recipes
  • Quick Facts
  • References

The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folio series can be used as an individual study or reference library, or it can be used in a class setting. Each chapter is short, easy-to-read, and informative. Recipes and tips for use give readers of all walks of life good avenues to experiencing the herb they’re learning about. A list of online and printed references offer opportunities for further research. The Quick Facts chapter can be printed and handed-out or bookmarked for quick and easy reference just when you need it. Plus, each folio is modestly priced, making them an easy addition to your online reference library.

Proceeds from sales of The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folio series go toward supporting The Practical Herbalist website, an online reference site filled with information on herbalism and homesteading all for free.

Herbs covered in this series include: