by Candace Hunter and Sue Sierralupé

Herbalists of yesterday and today alike have long valued Cayenne and Chili Pepper for its ability to help stave off illness, prolong life, and improve circulation. Whether you use Chili Pepper to ease chronic conditions, like diabetes or arthritis; to prevent against illnesses like flu, colds, and bronchitis; or to improve and prolong life, this fiery food is beyond question one hot herbal medicine. From the first bite, you cannot deny chili has the power to affect the body.

In this journey through the herbalist’s garden, we’ll explore the science behind Chili Pepper’s healing actions, take a look at the conditions most often treated with Chili Pepper, and learn how to use those healing qualities to help ourselves, our families, and our pets. We’ll see how Chili Pepper can grace our household, learn how to grow it, and take a look at how our ancestors made use of this magical herb. We’ll cover cautions and try a few new recipes for Chili Pepper as well. Join us for a fun and informative journey through the healing and practical uses for Chili Pepper in this eighth edition of The Practical Herbalist’s Herbal Folio series.

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For more information on Chili Pepper, read Chili Pepper: Naturally Hot Herbal Medicine. This Herbal Folio contains expanded information, including:

  • Medicinal Properties
  • Conditions best helped by Chili Pepper
  • Gardening and Gathering
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Household Formulas
  • History, Folklore, Myth, and Magic
  • Cautions
  • Recipes
  • Quick Facts
  • References

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